Anniversary Surprise with a Little Help from Phen375

You know how you can recognize a happily married man? He has a bit of extra weight and a huge smile on his face. It is truly that simple. It is also true that the road to the man’s heart leads through his stomach. Or at least that is true in my case.

When I met my wife some 30 years ago, we were both these skinny kids who just enrolled college and who were so full of life. We are still full of life and my wife is still skinny. Me, not so much. I still remember the first date me and my wife had. She invited me over to her place and cooked me dinner. It was the most delicious thing I have tasted in my whole life.

Her family was Italian and the scents and the tastes I felt that night have stayed with me forever. She would kill me if she knew this, but I married her solely on grounds of that dinner. The fact that she turned out to be the most kind and smart woman in the world, as well as the prettiest was just a bonus. I would have married a grizzly bear if she knew to cook like that.

And for the next thirty years I have been enjoying in her cooking like no man has ever enjoyed anyone’s cooking. For a while, I managed to stay skinny, no matter how much I ate. Okay, I always worked in a job where I had to be active a lot and I used to spend a lot of time outdoors in my free time. I guess that staved off the extra weight.

However, I got promoted. This lead to me being much more sedentary as I was spending more time in the office. Also, I stopped going out so much because I wanted to spare that little free time I got left after work with my wife. It all contributed to me starting to gain weight.

Little by little, but constantly. In two or three years I put on about 40 pounds. I knew my wife noticed and I knew that there was no way I was still as attractive to her as I used to be. The worst thing was that she stayed as thin as she always was. When you get fat together, you kind of don’t even notice it. You are together and getting bigger together. Not in our case.

With our big 30th anniversary coming up, I made a decision to lose as much weight as possible until that date. I went to see my cousin who is a nutritionist and he told me that I should seriously consider taking some supplements if I wanted to lose weight that quickly.

I asked him which would be the best option and he recommended Phen375 without even thinking about it. It was a pill made here in the US, which meant I could be sure of the ingredients and the safety. He also told me it works great. And it sure did. I’ve read some Phen375 reviews which ensure me to try this OTC phentermine alternative.

I had eight months or so before our anniversary and I managed to lose almost 30 pounds by then. My wife noticed that I was getting slimmer, but when I told her how much I lost over the last eight months, she was so excited. Phen375 has really come through for me and I am now back to my old weight. I became much more active and I started asking my wife to cook meals with less fat and fried stuff. Yeah, I know that’s the good stuff, but hey.

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