You’ve Been Lied to Home Teeth Whitening Gives Great Results

Did you know that people are intentionally misled by the media? In many cases these powerful people are bashing cheaper and sometimes even more effective methods because they are losing money.

I’ve decided to blow this story wide open. Thanks to the greedy media they manage to scare average people to believing that home teeth whitening is not safe. They also had the nerve to claim that you can actually destroy your teeth with it. No wonder people are running to the dentists and paying them big loads of cash because of the successful fear campaign. 

Don’t fall for these tricks!

There are many reputable teeth whitening products out there which rival and outperform the best dentist and best of all you are only paying a fraction what a doc would ask for. As we established that DIY teeth whitening is good cheaper alternative let’s see what else you need to know about your pearly whites.

Do you hide your smile?

In a recent study that I’ve read the author has shown that people tend to smile less and less. They know that their teeth aren’t perfectly white so they try to hide it. You have probably seen those people who only show a part of their teeth while they are smiling.

Guess what they are hiding it because something is wrong. But what they don’t realize that people are constantly judging everybody around them and a hidden smile tick off flags.

Just look at the dating world for example. Who has the most success? People with a great smile and not afraid to show it. You might think that hiding your smile will give you an air of mystery but in fact it shows that you’re not confident.

How I’ve gotten over my fear of smiling

In college I was known as the no smile girl. If something was really funny then I gave a little smirk and that’s it. This has given me a hard time with the guys and not just them.

So why was I so mysterious? Well simple I had bad teeth. In a way there weren’t bad but they were too yellow for my taste. Even though it wasn’t I pictured it worse than they were.

After a while I started to realize that I wasn’t mysterious but shy because the lack of smile I had I went to a dentist. I’ve signed up for a few teeth whitening treatments. For my surprise the only thing that got lighter was my wallet because I haven’t seen any difference.

Few more months have passed and then I decided to look up the best teeth whitening products on the internet. Luckily I’ve stumbled upon Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit. This has changed my life. In just 6 days I’ve seen huge improvement in my teeth.

Little by little I started to smile and my life has changed for the best. Nowadays I don’t want to remember my old me.

Nothing else conveys bigger confidence then a huge smile. Remember this.

Why do our teeth turn yellow?

Most doctors would say that because either we don’t was our teeth correctly or we don’t wash it enough times. I beg to differ.

Prevention is always better than the treatment. I have friends who have been brushing their teeth’s 2-3 times a day and they didn’t get any whiter. So much for extra white over-hyped toothpaste commercial.

Also I have friends who brushed their teeth regularly plus they were chewing gum as well. To make this story short there’s a pretty good reason why the army has banned chewing gum while on guard duty. Because in the long run you can cause ulcer. So be careful with the gums you choose.

Here’s my personal opinion why our teeth get eventually discolored. It comes down to the things what we put into our mouth. Most of us drink coffee, tea or other colored liquid every day. This is one of the biggest things that turn your teeth yellow.

What’s worse about is that this doesn’t happen on the surface level so you can easily remove it with a good brushing. It penetrates an interior level thus giving that unwanted color. So do I have to give up coffee for good? That would be way too cruel suggestion.

Nobody wants to show up at work looking like a zombie. But with traditional teeth caring methods you won’t be able to get white teeth if you are a heavy coffee drinker.

Did you know that tea is quite similar to coffee? The bright side of tea is that it forms dental plaque and if you don’t brush it then it can penetrate the interior of your teeth and then it will be too late to remove. So make sure that after you have drank a cup you clean off the residue.

What else can yellow teeth? Well smoking is one of the biggest culprits out there. I could go on and on for hours how great would it be if you quit smoking but that’s not my point right now. The thing is the more you smoke the uglier your teeth will get.

These three vices if you would like to call them like that are the biggest threats to your pearly whites. If you try to reduce them you will see big improvements. But if it’s too late keep on reading because I’ve found the perfect solution for you.

How can you get that perfect Hollywood Celebrity Smile?

There are multiple ways to do it. You can go to your dentist and spend an awful amount of cash so finally you will have some nice pearly whites. Though there’s no guarantee that you won’t have sensitive gums for a few weeks up to a full month.

Another option would be going with some cheap unproven products. To this category we could add clumsy and hard to use strips. Don’t forget uncomfortable trays that you have to wear for hours on end.

Lastly there’s the option that I’ve used. It’s called Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit white it’s one of the best teeth whitening products out there. Let me give you a hint it won’t cost you a fortune to get it done.

It works super-fast, I personally seen results in 6 days. Yes that’s right not even a weeks has passed and the results were significant. Another plus for this product is that it’s easy to use and can be done in just a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own home.

There are some really powerful people who are trying to shut this site down. I’m trying my best to stay on-line and spread the word. If the sites goes down you won’t be able to get your package so act now and don’t wait for tomorrow.

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